•       Virtual IT Department.
•       Remote Support.
•       Optimisation.
•       Data Security.
•       CloudSoft-crm.

Cloudsoft Solutions
Virtual IT Department without the costs, We’ll work in partnership with you to determine your businesses IT needs and requirements. We’ll work to improve the structure and efficiency of your current systems, and will be closely involved in the setup and maintenance of our agreed objectives.

Why Outsource
Outsourcing your IT support saves money. Every size of company can make significant savings through outsourcing. The biggest single saving is wages and all the costs and time associated with that such as, tax and NI payments, recruitment, pension contribution, training, accreditations, overtime, mobile phone bill, company car, fuel card, sickness pay and holiday pay.

Your Core Business
IT management and support is one of the most time draining processes of any business. Why let it take up so much of your valuable time when as identified it is less expensive and quicker to have an outsourced IT solutions company to take on this responsibility, letting you  concentrate on your core business.

Fixed Cost
Outsourcing your IT allows you to budget for the entire year with certainty. If you have an in house IT department these costs have to be absorbed by your business and they can run into  thousands of pounds.

CLOUDSOFT SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

For your business to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s imperative that you rank highly on Google and other key search engines. If you don’t have the right content, key words, resources or know-how you may find yourself lost in cyberspace.We recognize that optimising your search engine listings, along with the health of your website are integral factors for your success within the world wide web.

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